Hot Sale at Treasure at Tampines’ opening weekend break

Condo at east, Singapore Condominium
Close to 7,000 visitors thronged the display room of what is proclaimed to be the biggest exclusive condo launched in Singapore, with over 2,200 units readied to take place sale. Launched on Friday (March 15), Treasure at Tampines sits on top of the former Tampines Court, a Real Estate as well as Urban Advancement Business (HUDC) building which was offered en bloc for S$ 970 million in August 2017. Created jointly by Sim Lian Team and also Sim Lian Holdings, the condo covers 650,000 sqf as well as has a 99-year lease starting from Nov 29 in 2015. It is anticipated to be ready for purchasers to move in by 2023. The condominium makes up one- to five-bedroom units, with sizes ranging from 463 sqf to 1,722 sqf. With a…
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